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Our website service is popular across many different business sectors, including motoring, property, photography, recruitment and e-commerce.

Our website templates and web hosting services are used and trusted by hundreds of small businesses located all over the world and we already have dozens of driving schools and driving instructors using our services.

Whether you operate your driving school business alone or you manage a team of driving instructors, our website service will scale up or down to meet your requirements. What's more, the end result looks highly professional and it can be customised to suit the needs of your local business.

We also have dozens of clients using QuickontheNet.com to create PayPal shopping cart websites and this is an opportunity to bring together all of our services into a fully-featured driving business website, with online customer payments, videos, photo galleries, interactive maps, and you can even view your new site on your mobile phone, using our new upgrade feature.

At a glance, our web service is ideal for:

  • Driving instructors
  • Driving school businesses
  • Driving school supplies and suppliers
  • Driver training companies
  • Driving instructor car leasing firms
  • Driving school jobs and recruitment
  • Car insurance companies
  • Car maintenance and servicing businesses
  • Car dealers and authorised car dealerships

We provide international driving school web templates, with pre-designed schemes for the UK, Ireland, Australia and New Zealand and they can easily be adapted for the USA and Canada.


Car Dealer Websites

If you are an auto trader running a car dealership, learn more about our car dealer website service, which includes design templates and web hosting.


QuickontheNet.com is a global solution. Pay us in your local currency and then customise your website to suit your local needs. In support of our global efforts, we trade online using five major currencies:

  • British Pound
  • Euro
  • US Dollar
  • Australian Dollar
  • Canadian Dollar
UK and Ireland

UK and Ireland

For added speed, we have created 3 creative design schemes, based around the classic red L Plate icon, a car wheel image and a stylish car profile logo.



Again, we offer 3 creative solutions, based around the classic yellow L Plate icon, a modern car wheel image and an engaging car logo. We can accept your payment in Australian Dollars, with prices starting at only Aus $16 per month.

Each state and territory in Australia has different licensing authority and the drivers' licences are issued by state and territory governments:

  • New South Wales (NSW)
  • Victoria (VIC)
  • Queensland (QLD)
  • South Australia (SA)
  • Western Australia (WA)
  • Tasmania (TAS)
  • Australian Capital Territory (ACT)
  • Northern Territory (NT)
New Zealand

New Zealand

Once again, 3 professionally designed website solutions are available for your driving school business. We can accept your payment in Australian Dollars or US Dollars.

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